Ballad of the End: frottages

graphite, paper
15 x 20 cm

Ballad of the End: frottages is a series of 15 works created on the occasion of “Ballad of the End” through the techniques of stone casting and frottage, and which give life to the special edition of the project book.

The stone is a matrix capable of expanding in different directions through the movement carried out by the participants during the “Ballad of the End” performance who, by striking, dragging, slamming the tuff, leave signs and scratches on it which are subsequently engraved by the artist , by incision with the tip of a nail. Through graphite, the granite experience of the boulder is thus recorded together with the manipulation of the paper marked by the artist’s fingerprints, giving rise to works that are configured as a trace of the movements implemented during the performance.

Ballad of the End: frottages, adds paper to a broader project, made of bodies, stones and sound.