Ballad of the End: zine

34 pages: 5 loose sheets, 2 folded sheets
20,5×15,5 cm

Ballad of the End: zine, published by DITO Publishing, is an artist book connected to the project “Ballad of the End” and presented as part of the “Materia Nova” exhibition curated by Massimo Mininni.

The side of the zine is exactly ¼ of the block of tuff used during the performance; photographs and texts are configured as the “bricks” of a modifiable construction, heterogeneously re-presentable, which transforms each copy of the book into a unique piece.

In this sense, the inner, loose sheets are meant to function in any way; they can be moved by the reader, the key agent of possible changes, by rethinking the editing and final sequence of the entire editorial project.