My research is based on interdisciplinary devices that raise questions about contemporary society, its contradictions and its heritage, with the aim of activating the participatory construction of new ecosystems through the artistic experience.


Greg Jager (1982) is a visual artist based in Rome.
His work is not bound by formal recognizability and is configured through planning, which intercepts graffiti, installation, performance, painting, editorial projects, collective comparison, which with a relational and anthropological approach investigate possible relationships between different forms of intelligence and the collaboration between them.



2022: “Ballad of the End” at Fondazione Rusconi, Bologna / “Grounded” within “La fonte dell’opera” curated by Davide Silvioli / “Ballad of the End” within “Materia Nova” at Galleria d’arte Moderna di Roma

2021: “We Dance You Mean”, mostra collettiva, Cequone Projects Gallery, Madrid / “About Kinespheres and the possibility of something else” performance partecipativa nello spazio pubblico in collaborazione con Palaexpo, Carrozerie n.o.t. Cerquone Projects, Roma e Madrid

2020: “Dismantle” residenza artistica nell’ambito di “Bitume Platform”, Ragusa

2019: “The Architectura Eloqientia”, mostra collettiva, Contemporary Cluster, Roma / B-Murals Festival&Conferences, Nau Bostik, in collaborazione con IIC Barcellona.

2018: “Metamuseo” presso MacRo – Museo d’arte contemporanea di Roma

2017: Residenza artistica presso CRAC – Centro di Ricerca per le Arti Contemporanee, Lamezia Terme



2023: Exibart: “La forma dell’assenza di luce: Greg Jager negli spazi sotterranei di Roma” interview by Valeria De Siero

2022: Inside Art: “Greg Jager, interpretare le rovine del contemporaneo” by Davide Mannocchi

2022: Balloon Project: “Ballad of the End Il progetto transdisciplinare di Greg Jager” by Alessandra Tomassello

2022: Exibart, “Ballad of the end: la scultura in trasformazione di Greg Jager, a Bologna” by Davide Silvioli


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