Bitume Platform

As part of Bitume, a site specific project curated and designed by Festiwall to convert the former factory A. Ancione (Ragusa, Sicily) into a public art production center, I produced “Dismantle” a series of interventions that merge with the impressive industrial archeology of Ragusa and raise questions on the anthropization and the obsolescence of the industrial cycles that characterized the human footprint in the industrial age.

I worked to trace the fullness and emptyness, decontextualizing the architecture, effectively “dismantling” the structure to leave open keys to the past and infinite interpretations of possible futures.

The first work I produced is a 5 meters high by 15 meters wall painting that gives its name to the entire project: a vision of the same industrial architecture that is broken down and reassembled through its multiple geometries and a palette born from in-depth study dominant colors “in situ”.

A series of diagonals and the play of solids and voids is inspired by the architectural elements present throughout the industrial area and the modification of the surrounding landscape.
Other ephemeral and multidisciplinary interventions took place into inaccessible areas, transforming the space into a device with infinite spatial and visual solutions, with the aim of questioning the limits of architecture and the human beings.