Dismantle: broken windows

Spray, broken windows, paper
44 x 70 cm

Dismantle: broken windows is a series of 6 works created on paper in September 2020, as part of an artistic residency in Ragusa, inside the former A. Ancione industrial plant.

During the exploration of the industrial archeology in a state of abandonment, the artist noticed a structure of broken windows, whose alternation between full and empty spaces formed a sort of “cartography of decay”. The recording of the counter-shape of the broken windows took place through stencils created by placing the paper support directly on the glass. The use of spray, in addition to evoking the artist’s background, gives the support a rough grain similar to white noise.

The series deliberately cites the “broken windows theory”, a criminological theory introduced in 1982 in a social science article by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling, on the ability of urban disorder and vandalism to generate additional crime and anti-social behavior.