We Dance You Mean

Jordi Pallarès

Dance and intervene. Intervene and dance. Two complementary and fundamental actions has been be associated with the project “We Dance, You Mean” in the Cerquone Gallery Madrid space.
Taking as a reference the novel I See / You Mean (Lucy R. Lippard, 1979) and choreographic documents and experiences, the curator Jordi Pallarès challenges nine artists to occupy the same place, reflecting on a collective project on our capacity for movement.

On this occasion I was finally able to stage my long research on the historical figure of Rudolf Von Laban who links abstraction and body through a complex system of movement notation he designed, called “labanotation”. A multidisciplinary practice between painting and movement solves on paper and cardboard by invading the floor and wall, leaving in an organic way that the material itself decides to architecturally adapt to the space. Reasoning on the theme of coexistence and physical and political occupation of space and through the kinespheres, the body responds with movements and gestures based on that abstract code.

An invitation to walk the same ground together. To take a stand in a multispecies choreography. “Another concatenation between humans, non-humans and elements, the question is choreographic, that is, how bodies enter into a relationship even in their own pre-verbal, pre-representative mode, but at the same time rhythmic, figurative and imaginative” (Emanuele Braga, Coreografia Cosmogenetica – N.o.t. Nero Editions).