Amir Issaa
11 / 2019

Tempesta is my first solo show, at Galleria 206 in Bari. In this occasion I presented a new body of works with an abstract graphic approach and a strong dialogue with the exhibition space. The challenge I proposed is to clear the border between paintings and sculptures using an alphabet of shapes and graphic signs. The production is inspired by the urban context of the city of Bari and its link with Russian culture. Specifically, the focus is on the architecture of the Russian Orthodox church of Bari, dedicated to St. Nicholas, designed in 1913 by the architect Aleksej Viktorovič Ščusev. I drawn from this building undoubtedly unusual, the most characteristic elements, extrapolating them from reality to form flat-colored graphic motifs and a color palette reduced to the essential, to give life to the entire body of works. Tempesta stems from a research I conducted on the city of Bari and its symbols: it is inspired by a legend that sees the patron saint of Bari as protagonist (The miracle of Naviganti – Basilica di San Nicola). But my intention is to represent the storm as an emotional state. The goal is to enter the gallery with the intent to disturb the environment and bring disorder, as a storm does. Go beyond the barriers, beyond the rules of the world of graffiti and urban art. Go beyond your “safety area” by exploring new visual algorithms. For this reason I have chosen an informal space free from the laws of the market, which has given me the maximum freedom of experimentation. The critical essay of “Tempesta” is written by Amir Issaa, legendary rapper and graffiti writer belonging to Rome Zoo and TRV collectives. Download the catalogue.