Decostruzione Ricostruzione

On the Wall
Emanuela Caronti
06 / 2019

For Certosa, the district of Genoa most affected by the collapse of the Morandi bridge, I painted “Decostruzione Ricostruzione”, an anamorphic artwork.

An optical illusion effect whereby an image is projected onto the plane in a distorted way, making the original subject recognizable only by looking at the image from a precise position, on the architecture of the Caffaro middle school, within “On the Wall Festival“. The idea of ​​combining anamorphosis with school stems from the desire to give a new point of view to future generations. Right where culture is formed and “real” social networks are woven.

I found this complex architecture, a challenging structure to paint on, but I wasn’t sure of the result. So I changed project many times, and i had long brainstormings with the curator. At the end we said:”Ok, is a huge crazy project, we don’t know how the result will be, but we don’t care. Let’s do that!”. So my idea has been to create an artwork to be watched both on the street and on the school’s balconies, giving students the chance to walk through it and discover new points of view. Colors and shapes are inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetics, as a tribute to the 100 years of Bauhaus school.

My provocation is to invite the viewer to find a lateral point of view to address the problems not only from a single frontal direction, but also looking for lateral solutions to change things from below. This message is mainly addressed to younger people. We cannot let the superficiality typical of the Italian people allow the classes of the future. It is no coincidence that I chose to work on a school.

“Decostruzione Ricostruzione” has been painted during an anamorphic design workshop, lasting one week on over 600 square meters of concrete. A big thanks to Walk the Line who supported me in this ambitious project.