About Kinespheres and the possibility of somenthing else

About Kinespheres and the Possibility of Something Else, is a performative project born in Madrid, as part of the We Dance You Mean exhibition, and Rome in collaboration with Palaexpo and Carrozzerie n.o.t.
The performance consists in the staging of a skein in which the participants are free to move in space with a physical constraint (a black rope).
I ask the participants to inhabit and occupy the space without any scheme: the movement of each participant and the interdependence with the other creates a series of geometric compositions in space in an unpredictable way that are mapped by a drone.
The idea is to activate a device that questions us about the possibility of a new and coexistence starting from the ashes of an old capitalist system, relating art, architecture, anthropology, with the aim of weaving relationships, unraveling conflicts and redesigning relationships. between beings in an interspecies choreography.