My research is based on interdisciplinary devices that raise questions about contemporary society, its contradictions and its heritage, with the aim of activating the participatory construction of new ecosystems through the artistic experience.


Greg Jager (1982) is a visual artist based in Rome.
With a background in 90’s subcultures, he enrolled in the three-year design course at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design on 2001, during which he started practicing art in abandoned spaces. His curiosity and interdisciplinary vision of him leads him to explore the connections between art and anthropology, through murals, drawings, editorial projects, installations and performances.


“Ne parliamo, construyendo una escena” art residency programme curated by Jordi Pallarès. Mallorca, 2022 / “Ballad of the End”, interdisciplinary project at Ombrelloni Art Space and Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Roma. Rome, 2022 / “Materia Nova”, Collective show at Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Roma. Rome, 2022 / “When Urban Attitude Become Contemporary Art”, Collective show at 21 Gallery. Treviso, 2021 / “About kinespheres or the possibility of something else”, Participatory performance in Rome and Madrid, in colaboration with Palaexpo, Carrozzerie n.o.t. and Cerquone Projects. Rome and Madrid, 2021 / “We Dance, You Mean”, Collective show at Cerquone Projects. Madrid, 2021 /  “Dismantle” residency programme within Bitume Project. Ragusa, 2020/ B-Murals Festival and Conferences. Barcelona, 2019 /  “Metamuseo”, wall painting at MacRo – Museo d’arte contemporanea di Roma. Rome, 2018 / “Sorrunded by signs” Residency programme at CRAC – Centro di ricerca per le arti contemporanee, Lamezia Terme 2017


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“Serve ancora l’Arte? Workshop sulla cultura dei prossimi anni” by Culture Future at Casa del Cinema, Rome 2021 / “Arte, tra etica, estetica ed economia” by Palaexpo at Iper – Festival delle Periferie, Rome 2021  / “Le sfide della Roma contemporanea” by Artwave at Parco Appio, Rome 2020 / “Art in Public Space” by TWM Factory at Riscatti di Città – Palazzo Merulana, Rome 2020 / “Portrait” at Macro – Contemporary Art Museum of Rome, 2019


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